What would be your dream destination if you could choose any place in the whole world?  Where would you go if you had the time and money? Or just an opportunity to travel to those places you’ve always wanted to visit?
I’m sure everyone ever travelled has a bucket list of those places. It’s a list of must see would be cool or nice to see destinations. It’s a list you keep to yourself and secretly add to the list or proudly write off those you actually do get to visit. Some only dream of those places and others actually act on making it happen.
I’m one of those who dream, write down and then make everything in my power to make the list come true. Luckily my husband is the same 😉 Our list for the most part is coming true in just a few weeks! We, a family of three, are taking off to travel the world this December. Finally we have a unique opportunity to take some time off of work and just travel. One of the dreams we’ve both had is to actually travel all the way around the world. But hey, who wouldn’t???
So, what´s my bucket list then? I can promise you: it´s a looooong list. But out of all countries or places in the world there actually are some narrowed down. My bucket list has some large areas like New Zealand an Australia and then some certain place like the Maccu Picchu in Peru or the Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  And a whole lot more…
Route planning
We started planning our round-the-world trip nearly two years ago. We  (both I and my husband) had our own bucket lists since we’ve travelled quite a lot alone and together. In our list we’ve had places and countries that require time and money to visit. See, our home country Finland is quite the periphery when it comes to more exotic places…
So, that was our guiding thought when planning the route: to focus on destinations farthest away from home or otherwise difficut to access during a normal vacation break. Finally this is what our route looks like prior to departure:
1. Caribbean (Eastern Caribbean islands and Cuba): 4-5weeks in Dec-Jan
2. Central America ( Mexico, Belize*, Costa Rica*, Panama*, Guatemala*): 3-4 weeks, Jan
3. South America (Peru, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay*): 3-4 weeks, Jan-Feb
4. New Zealand: 4 weeks, Feb-Mar
5. Pacific islands (Fidzi*, Tahiti*, Samoa*, Tonga*), somewhere in between…
6. Australia: 4 weeks, Mar-Apr
7. SE Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam*, Myanmar*, Cambodia*: 2-4 weeks, Apr-May
8. Mediterranean (France/Spain): 2-3 weeks, May-June
What do you say?? Let’s see how we actually manage achieving them all… Eight big areas or countries, those marked* are possible, or “would be nice to see” places, but will have to adjust or skip according to actual route and allowed time frame.
That’s my bucket list. What’s yours?