Only five weeks to departure on our journey around the world! This is unbelievable – not so long ago the whole trip seemed to be somewhere in the foreseeable future and there was plenty of time to do this and that related to the journey. Then, all of a sudden, we had only eight weeks to departure! Then seven, six and now less than five!! That’s less than 35 days! Where did it all go? Oh my god, will we have everything ready in 5 weeks??!

This fall has been like a roller coaster. Ever since our summer break in July it’s been one fast lane ride. Starting to really plan the trip, selling our house, emptying the huge house, buying a new home, moving into the new home, Leevi starting school, busybusybusy fall at work, all preparations for the trip comparing, ordering, buying and organizing … feels like it’s all too much to handle. But hey, I can do 5 more weeks, can’t I?!

To do -list overload – can I handle it all?

I’m going thru the whole wide scale of emotions. I can only begin to describe how and what I feel 24 hours a day, because it varies and changes as fast as the weather these days. Here are some aspects of all the mixed emotions while preparing, trying to stay sane and to cope  with all of my several to do -lists:

Joy. I truly feel amazed and filled with joy that we as a family are able to do something like this! I know it’s a once in a life time opportunity. I feel joy for being able to provide this experience for my son and having a husband with whom I want to do this. I feel enormous joy of being able to live my dream.

Excited. Preparing for the trip is extremely exciting. When searching for the best bargain for flights or accomodation, travel gear, ferry schedules, train and bus routes, I feel little tingles of excitment about actually being there soon! It’s becoming more and more concrete every day. What a journey it will be!

Busy. Preparing for the trip while working really keeps me busy. I feel like when I’m done (if ever) with my so called daily job, I start another work shift of searching, comparing, searching, comparing and making reservations, ordering and investigating some areas we will cover on our journey. And this fall has been really hectic at work too, so it’s not like my work day ends at four or five on regular basis… A busy bee, yeah that’s me right now.

Stressed. All tens of to do -lists make me crazy. I can honestly say that I am really stressed right now, and it’s not too far from burn out I’m sure.  I feel really worn out, no sleep is enough and feel a bit sad even for not being able to exercise enough with all the things I have to be able to do. Luckily there is an end to this very soon, otherwise I couldn’t probably bear it all.

Stupid. I forget stuff. That’s why I have all the tens of to do -lists. I would not be able to remember every single detail at work, at home, preparing for the trip and arranging gettogethers and house-warming party, baking and still putting stuff away from moving. I read somewhere that too much stress causes symptoms similar to dementia. I can sign that. I also know that I sometimes feel really stupid if can’t figure easy things out becauses my mind is so occupied. And that makes me forget stuff, if I don’t write it down.

Exhausted. All the emotions above make me exhausted. I mean physically exhausted and mentally exhausted. The darkness of October and coming November is killing me and only the thought of seeing the Caribbean sun in five weeks keeps me going. No sleep is enough and I cannot remember the last time I woke up not feeling still tired. I don’t think I ever recovered from moving this past August. It was a big and physically heavy deal. And I never had time to just lay down and relax after moving. Had to just keep on going…

Anxious. Have we taken all necessary precautions considering all the different regions and countries we plan to visit? Medical-wise? Security-wise? Money-wise? Travel gear -wise? Comfortability-wise? Reasonability-wise? What else? I’m getting a little anxious about being able to cover and consider everything necessary before the trip. We have some 34 days left to do stuff before our take off…

Scared. Sure. A little bit about going to very exotic places and not staying at all clinical resorts… I’ve had a few near-nightmares about one of us getting a really bad disease or something. Or us all getting badly mugged or even worse. But then again, you can die in your own home. It’s like any other trip: you better leave your naivity at home and accept that anything can happen anywhere. And we have insurance.

Hopeful. Ready, set, go? I’m sure we will be all ready to go in five weeks. I am hopeful and certain that we will do just fine even if we can’t do it all – we already have the most important things taken care of. So, I’m hopeful that we’ll be ready and set to go on our journey around the world in five weeks!

So bear with me – only 5 more weeks before we go =)