When you have a chance for long-term travel, is is just holiday mode for one day after another? Or do you live like you would normally with routines & chorus? Normally when you go on holiday or vacation travels, it’s really the break from everyday routines that makes it feel like vacation. The point is to have a break and change in scenery from the everyday routines. That’s when you eat out, have little treats everyday, maybe have a break in your exercice routines and certainly leave your laundy and cleaning for the time your break is over. But what happens when your break just goes on week after week, month after month? Vacation mode can have long-term consequences in good and in bad.

Working & worldschooling

Our possibility for long-term travel was all about a break from worklife, a career-break. For us it was a priority to have a longer period off work. Thus we have not worked during our rtw-journey. Routines we get from worldschooling our soon 8-year-old son Leevi. Though, we haven’t been too much making it a daily routine, but rather, we have taken daily opportunities to learn in practise. But since we are planning on returning to normal public schooling in the fall, it is one of our routines to practise reading, writing and calculating.

Eating out

Vacation is much about eating out in world cuisines in different places. At least to us it is a major part of our vacation travels to try different kitchens. But since we cannot afford finedine every day or even much at all on our rtw-journey, we go for the mid-range and cheaper restaurants. Even fastfood occasionally. But day after day it gets boring. Afterall, restaurant food is quite unhealthy and addictive with bad fat and salt, even if you seek for the healthier options. 

So, staying in apartments with cooking possibilities is simply lifesaving. How clean, healthy and good can simple home-cooked meals be?! Our son everyonce graves for basic boiled potatoes and salmon. Simple and good. And believe me, it’s not self-evident to be able to cook that! Not all destinations have such in stores… So once they do, its Yey for home-cooking! At least we have noticed how even after a couple of days’ home-cooked eating you actually feel less swollen and lighter in your appearance!

Treats, snacks & drinks

This should actually be included in the precious paragraph. However, it is the simple little treats, snacks and drinks that can be so devious and have seriously bad consequences if not considered. It is the lattes and ice creams on your citywalks or roadtrip breaks. It is the one glass of wine or beer with food. And it is these little treats that can eventually harm you if consumed daily on your long-term journey. At least a woman in her 40s can quite fast tell how clothes seem to shrink inyour backpack…


For those who are used to working out regularly, vacation travelling and holidays usually don’t make huge exeptions. Vacation is about taking a break from your regular programs, but many people feel the urge to move your body dailyeven on breaks. And that’s good! Without that urge I would be probably sick and massive. 

Working out can be easy while travelling, even with no gym around. You can do a HIIT-workout in your hotel, go swimming or go running outdoors pretty much everywhere. Spending time outdoors is natural for us. And then everyonce in a while take the full advantage of a gym when available! 

We get quite much exercise since we love taking long walks in cities and in nature. Even our soon 8-year-old can walk long lenghts, especially when we take many breaks, some with ice cream involved. Besides walking he always has energy to conquer playgrounds. We have visited countless playgrounds during our RTW-journey, which is a nice way to spot cultural differences too!  

Laundry & cleaning

These are the chorus you especially want to take a break from every now and then. That’s vacation. But when travelling quite light with clothes for only about a week, you need to do laundry quite often. We have a “portable washing machine” with us. Scrubba is an Australian invention originally, and comes in very handy when no machines are available. We’ve done quite a bit of laundry with it and love it! NZ and Australia have plenty of coin-operated machines around, so easier laundry days here. But the easiest we had in Central and South America where we just took our laundry to a laundromat – and for ridiculously cheap prices too! Now that’s a laundry day 🙂

Our cleaning day while travelling is actually going thru our backpacks and getting rid off stuff broken (and can’tbe fixed) or too worn out or otherwise not in use at all. We’ve pretty much used everything, but there’s been a few clothes still with no use. With limited space we’ve come to a “one in – one out” policy. If I buy a new top, I throw one old one away. This has worked out well!

Finding a balance

One of the best sides of travelling long-term for us has been sleeping well. Even with 55 different accommodations in 20 weeks (=55 different beds), we have slept well and enough. I can’t really think of anything more relaxing in long-term than waking up naturally without an alarm, day after another. And if you go to bed earlier, you wake up earlier to enjoy morning hours too. Only Australia and New Zealand has check out time at 10 o’clock already. That has caused a couple of mornigns hurrying to get everything packed. I think our main chorus or routine has become packing. We master at getting everything packed in about 30 minutes nowadays! 

All in all, it’s about finding a balance between vacationing and living “normal everyday lives” while travelling long-term. This RTW-trip is a once in a life time unique experience for us and we definitely have lived it to the fullest and will for the weeks yet to come. We still will enjoy our long walks with ice cream breaks. It’s important to find a balance to stay healthy and do things we love the most, watch out for unhealthy stuff but enjoy treats too. A healthy body usually has a healthy mind and that provides a solid foundation for happy travelling 8)