How do you know when you have reached total relaxation and happiness? How do you know your sabbatical break has paid off being actually useful? Well, you know it when you realize you’ve been living in fairytale while travelling round the world – in a complete bubble of happiness and relaxation with no worries. You realize it when you meet or talk to people who are not in that bubble with you.  

Taking a long break from work especially is usually based on really needing a break. Our passion for travelling, dreams to travel for longer periods as well as several years of stressful work were those that pushed us to fulfill our dreams of travelling around the world. It took only first couple of weeks to feel the freedom that started something amazing. But it took more than five months to realize how well this sabbatical has treated us. And how do we know? 

Well, You realize it when you have no worries except finding a decent price for your next destination or booking a flight to a place you want to go. No worries for what to wear, what to eat, where to sleep, what next and what this and that. When you know that everything always settles somehow. That you don’t have to worry about tomorrow. It will come. And you still stay calm. 

You know it When there are no worries of being sick all the time physically, not to mention emotionally with all the stress. When you realize it has been a period that we all have felt healthy and avoided colds and worst viruses we surely would have had during the winter months at home in Finland. Plenty of sleep, sunshine, good food, excersice, friends and family. Those are the basic ingredients for our good travels. And Good readings that makes you think of what’s important and question things that seem self-evident. 

You know it When you realize you’ve been able to sleep so well and enough that you feel actually relaxed. That you can catch good sleep another night if that one wasn’t too well slept. That you can sleep without being awake for hours at night thinking of unfinished business or details at work or even the bigger picture. It’s usually those tasks incomplete that cause us stress. 

You know it When you get excited and inspired about new places, people, culture, nature, good readings and talks. But at the same time you realize you can take it easy too. That you can never see all the places in your destination at once. That you can come back some day and see more. And recognize how diverse culture, habits, believes and regulations and people are. And still not lose your temper when things or the system doesn’t work. 

You know it When you and your travel companions all get along well, share the same values and know each other well enough to know when irritation is caused by hunger or when we are all tired and grumpy after a long flight. When we know better that it’s no use for getting itchy at each other for stupid little moments caused by tiredness.

You know it When you realize that you have the perfect partner to experience this kind of a journey together with. When you realize how thankful you are to have people like that around you. When you realize how little irritations could easily cause massive explosions if you did not realize that no body’s perfect. That we all have our little flaws and things are not self-evident or cannot be taken for granted. 

That’s when you can reach a state of stressfree fulfillment and relaxation. And fully enjoy life in the bubble while it lasts. And not get that “what after?” Anxiety get to you. Not yet. Life is perfect just now. Let us enjoy the bubble!  

So, stop and smell the roses

Zen emphasizes meditation, development of ones’s own buddha nature and self-awareness, so that it can be utilized in everyday life.”

(Freely translated from the Wikipedia)

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